With all the celebrations around the country, it was easy to forget that one group did not have victory this election. Gay marriage was banned in three states this election and California, known for its liberal stance on social issues, added an amendment to their state constitution which defines marriage as only between a man and a woman. California courts overturned a ban on gay marriage that passed in 2000 just this June. Somehow Prop 8, come to be known as Prop H8te by opponents passed last Tuesday. This is a civil rights issue and essentially the passage of Prop 8 restricts constitutional rights for a minority of California citizens. The people of California are not giving up however and several protests in LA, San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego have been occurring since last Wednesday.

If you are in California, please stay up to date on ways you can get involved and if you live elsewhere in the country please think about donating to the cause as well as getting involved in this weekend’s NATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST. In cities and towns all over the country supporters of civil rights are joining together in a protest against Prop 8. If you are free this Saturday November 15th, please join the movement and support California’s opposition to an amendment to their constitution! Log onto Join the Impact’s website and keep up to date on the movement as well as find out the times and locations of your local protests.

Let’s take a stand against hate and exclusion together. This is a time for unity and make sure that no one is considered a second class citizen. National and state constitutions should expand human rights not take them away. Even if you do not believe in gay marriage, it should be known that constitutions should not limit the rights of our citizens. Please come out and protest this Saturday November 15th!!! Make sure you know when and where to protest! We need all the support and unity we can get to protect our civil rights. And for those couples who still want to marry, come to the great state of Massachusetts! We have had legalized marriage for all our citizens for almost 5 years!!!