So its finally here! November 4th, 2008. We just wanted to remind everyone to please please go out and vote today! This is the most important election of our generation, so please be sure to let your voice be heard! We know the lines are long and in some parts of the country the weather may not be cooperating, but we want to urge you to get out there! Believe us, its worth the wait, worth the soggy shoes, the future of our country depends on it! If you are unsure of where to vote, please type in your address and find your polling place!

We want to also remind you to please help us support Obama, Proposition 2 in California, and Question 3 in Massachusetts. We can bring change for our country, for farmed animals, and racing dogs! Please help us spread hope and prosperity, rather than fear and hate. We have a chance to make real change, so let’s do it! GET OUT AND VOTE TODAY!!!