It feels like the election has been so focused on our next president, that we are all forgetting about our local elections, where we can make a huge impact! Where the presidential election is obviously of utmost importance, we also want to take a look at a few propositions that will appear on November ballots. We are very excited about two awesome animal rights acts in both California and Massachusetts. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight Question 3 or Greyhound Protection Act in Massachusetts. This being our home, we are very excited about the possibility of our state banning dog racing!

Now you may wonder, what’s wrong with dog racing? It a historic business and the animals have laws protecting them. Although, this may be true, laws are not always enforced and at least 800 dogs have suffered injuries in the past 5 years including death. Racing is actually a dangerous sport for dogs and because they are running at such high speeds it can result in series harm. Many opponents of this bill will say that this number is not accurate, however Massachusetts state law requires a report to be written every time a dog has an injury. Grey2K an animal rights and greyhound protection group issued a well documented and well researched 92 page report which includes pictures and actual injury reports. Opponents of the bill were also recently fact checked by the Boston Globe for inflating racing numbers to make it appear as if a smaller percentage of dogs were actually harmed. Actually both sides of the issue have attacked each other for inflated or minimizing numbers. But either way 1 dog harmed is too many for us and 800 is far too many!

On top of serious dog injuries, the treatment of the dogs has come under fire. Thousands of dogs are kept in cages for up to 20 hours a day when not racing. These cages are often described as not large enough for the dog to turn completely around, as highlighted in the pictures taken at Wonderland Greyhound Park in Revere, MA. Along with confining the dogs, they are fed low grade food that is considered unfit for human consumption, meaning it can contain diseases such as salmonella. Likely due to their close quarters there have been instances where several dogs became sick and perished from unknown diseases. Such as in 2005 when 19 dogs died within hours at the Wonderland Greyhound Park. Also, there have been reports of the animals being drugged and a huge story broke when it was discovered that a dog named Reese from the same racetrack tested positive for cocaine twice!

Another item opponents to the bill say is there would be a job loss of 1200 people if this bill is passed. This number may seem daunting, especially in a recession. However, it has been well documented that dog racing is a failing industry and even track owner’s have admitted racing is on its last leg. And the racetracks have only been able to survive through aid given to them by state government. Between 2004 and 2007 Massachusetts state government gave these two racetracks $5 million in special funds of taxpayers money to keep the racetracks alive!! Now as we are in this current economic crisis, state funding is getting cut everywhere, do we really want to see our money used for special interest rather than in our schools and police force?

As this article is much longer than expected, if you are still reading it, we hope you take the time to go over the facts. And the main question you must ask yourselves, don’t all dogs deserve a loving, caring home and a stress free life? Would you treat your dog this way?