Ever wonder how much Texans spend on hunting and fishing a year or how much Americans spend on Fair Trade items every year? Well, now its your chance! World of Good has created the fun Smart Cart Quiz about American shopping and spending habits. Not only will you learn important and interesting facts, but some of the answers will surprise you! Such as the fact that cutting down on meat will reduce your environmental impact more than purchasing a hybrid car or that air pollution kills more Californians a year than AIDS, homicide, and car accidents combined!!

On top of the Smart Cart Quiz, it gives ideas and links to how you can have an impact just based on your shopping habits such as fair trade shopping guides and tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint. You can also email some of the facts directly to your friends as well as a link to the quiz! There are also a ton of questions and you can retake the quiz several times with completely different facts. So test you knowledge today and see how you can bring change to world poverty and the envrionment! Who knows you might learn a thing or two and actually make a difference?