With the election coming up and the candidates are voicing their opinions on everything from abortion to the wars, and even evolution. So let’s make sure they talk about major issues affecting us all: the Environment and a Responsible Energy Plan. Power Vote is organizing thousands and hopefully millions of citizens and young people to make a Pledge that in November they will choose the candidate who will expand the green economy, as well as green jobs, cut down on pollution and dependence on “dirty energy” and create a sustainable energy policy. We want to welcome all of you to sign their pledge and join the movement!

Power Vote does not back any political party and works through grass roots movements to bring awareness to the candidates and Washington in general about the Green Movement and how it is important to the sustainability of our economy, job market, and planet!! This is the future of our country and  world, so please take a moment to check out Power Vote and sign the pledge.

Also, there are a ton of localized groups and events related to Power Vote throughout the country! You can also create a group and get involved in outreach. Think about getting involved and making sure both candidates hear the message.

A quick reminder that this Saturday, September 27th is Green Jobs Now Day of Action!! Let the country know how important Green Jobs are and demand whoever wins the election pay attention to our needs as the concerned youth of this nation!