We know its been said over and over again, but this is a historic election and the time for change has never been more eminent. With the economy falling apart, two wars waging, and the environment on the brink, its time to take a stand!! It is clear, this year it’s extra important to make sure your voice is heard. Plus how can you complain about the government come 2009, if you haven’t cast your vote?

So please if you have not done so already take the time to Register To Vote. There are a number of ways to register including your local Post Office, DMV/RMV, or online. There are two awesome organizations that allow you to register online: Rock the Vote and Declare Yourself. Both are dedicated to making sure no one is disenfranchised and that all people have a voice.

Be sure to register as soon as possible, as the deadlines are approaching fast. Make sure to check with your individual state for deadlines. Some states like Idaho, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming allow you to register the day of the election at the polls. For full information and answers to any question regarding voting, try Google Voter Information and type in your home address!

Remember we aren’t just voting for a new President, there are also many House of Representatives and Senate Officials up for election as well as your own State and Local laws. Also, we control the government through the power of voting, so let’s make it known we want to see actual change! And no matter what your political beliefs are PLEASE REGISTER NOW!!

Already a registered voter? Spread the word to friends, classmates, or anyone willing to listen!! Get involved in your local area or post on your Facebook/Myspace page encouraging people to get out and register. Here are some helpful hints on how to get involved.