Since starting Autonomie Project last winter, we’ve been avid fans of Zaproot, a somewhat sarcastic, always fun, always chock-full of interesting eco tidbits, 3-4 minute online video series.  No matter how hectic our busy days can get tending to our baby start-up, we always stop everything to watch Jessica Williamson tell us the latest, greatest, and most horrific developments in the eco revolution.

The show is produced by Viropop, a “green video network” that also features a cool blog and a super active community site where you can join the action, create your own page, and hey, even your own video show!

Below, check out one of our favorite episodes.  An amusing, and somewhat scary, report on peta2’s work with KFC Canada and the astounding lengths China went to in order to “green” themselves for the Olympics!

We most certainly couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Want to see more? Make sure to check out and become a subscriber.