Now that the fun and relaxation of Labor Day has come and past, its time to think about going back to school! Thousands of college students have trekked back to campuses this week and many high school kids are trying to decide which colleges to attend. Luckily there have been lists to help you make your decision!

If you are a vegetarian or vegan and care where your school ranks in providing options for you, we have just the list for you! A year or so ago, PETA2 polled its college members and put together a list of the Most Vegetarian Friendly Colleges. These schools were nominated by their students and have amazing choices for their veggie friends that range from Soy Yogurt to Vegan Pizza and even Tempeh Cacciatore(SUNY Purchase). We have re-printed the list here for you to see! If you are in college see how your school matches up and if you are in the choosing stage, use this list to help guide you if choosing veggie is as important to you as it is to us!


#1 Indiana University-Bloomington

#2 Humboldt State University

#3 University of Puget Sound

#4 Yale University

#5 SUNY Purchase

#6 Oberlin College

#7 New York University

#8 University of California-Berkeley

#9 University of Pennsylvania

#10 University of Florida


#1 McMaster University

#2 University of Victoria

#3 University of Waterloo

#4 Simon Fraser University

#5 Mount Allison University

If you don’t see your school on the list we suggest you make them change! Check out PETA2’s Guide to Veganizing Your Cafeteria. This is not only for college students, if you are in high school and want to make a difference in your school cafeteria, we suggest you take a look at the guide as well. So good luck this semester and remember to study on a full stomach!