Fenway Park, home of the famed Red Sox, which rests in the middle of bustling Boston is a national and local attraction. The green walls of the park have come to symbolize America’s national pastime. But now the park can boast the green shade is more than symbolic.

Earlier this month, Fenway Park revealed newly installed solar panels. They have installed enough solar panels to heat a third of the park’s hot water. The solar panels were installed by one of the city’s green projects. The city of Boston and energy companies have been funding this initiative, called Solar Boston.

Boston who was rated 3rd on the Popular Science’s America’s 50 Greenest Cities, hopes to increase the city’s overall solar output by 2015. They have set a reachable goal to increase solar energy 50 fold. In 2007, Boston also became one of the Solar America Cities, an initiative to increase the national solar output by the US Department of Energy.

Solar power is a great renewable energy source, but it isn’t the only one the city of Boston is instituting . Beginning this July, NStar, electricity supplier to Boston, is offering customers the option to have half or all of their electricity supply come from wind power. For just $4 (for half) or $7 (for all) extra a month, every household can switch to a renewable energy source. That’s the cost of a lunchtime sandwich!! So, please, if you are local, consider signing up for NStar’s Green Program.

It is inspiring to see Boston, America’s oldest city and one of the largest metropolises in the country taking renewable energy to the mainstream! If you live in Boston or would like to keep updated on the city’s Green projects, check out The Green Blog hosted by the Boston Globe. Hopefully, Boston and other Green cities such as San Francisco and Portland, OR will set a new trend that will take hold over cities and towns across the nation!!