When we recently found out that Netflix was owned and operated by the too-evil-to-even-name-or-else-we’ll-shutter Wal-Mart, we have to admit that our hearts sank about as low as they could go. But I LOVE Netflix!! We collectively thought. How can we go without our favorite flicks delivered right to our doorstep! (not to mention the ever-addicting “queue” that so easily distracts from work….).

Never fear, my friends. Gaiam (per the usual) comes to the rescue! Following the recent success of their Spritiual Cinema Circle, the mega feel-good company has now partnered with founders Gay Hendricks and Rick Ridgeway to launch the Earth Cinema Circle.

The premise is simple. Pay $18 bucks a month to become a member and receive 4 environmental films, documentaries and videos delivered right to your mailbox. Invite some friends over for organic popcorn (or organic vodka martinis like in our house!) and it’s just like a mini Environmental Film Festival right at home!

With spokesman actor environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. (who??) by their side, the club brings you the best of wildlife, conservation, adventurous eco-travel and more. The kicker? The DVD’s are packaged with eco-friendly materials (of course!) and are YOURS to keep and share forever.

So if you’re looking for ways to productively spend that stimulus check, we suggest joining the club and start showing off your new eco DVD library.