In eco fashion news this week, everyone’s favorite sustainable apparel label Nau announced that it’s sadly closing it doors!

Founded in 2005 by a crew of former Patagonia, Nike and Addidas execs, Nau was a true pioneer for eco fashion proving that quality, fashionable outdoor gear can indeed be good for our planet (not to mention they’re the makers of our fan fave, super cute Lean Jeans made with organic cotton and a light rinse!)

Citing a ‘highly risk-averse capital market’ as the reason for their closing, it seems that they simply just blew all their investment dough and are now flat broke. They did after all open up a splash of stores across the West and Mid-West in a risky and fast-paced manner. Not everyone can be American Apparel now!

In all seriousness though, Nau’s announcement is a serious setback for the environmental and social movements and we can only hope that it won’t send major shock waves through the social investment community (or the skeptics for that matter).

The good news is that in their short life they were able to donate over $200,000 to charity AND they are now having an AMAZING sale!! In order to liquidate their inventory, they are offering 50% off their entire line and some unbelievable steals. We suspect that inventory won’t last, so march yourselves quickly over to and proudly wear your eco-fashion as the ship sinks!

Once you’ve loaded up on gear from Nau and have shed a tear for their loss, we do have some fantastic news that will keep you from despair. European sustainable brand hessnatur is on its way to American shores for the first time in 30 years!

Founded in Germany by environmentalist Heinz Hess, hessnatur creates casual organic and natural clothing for men, women and babies. Their mission is simple but brilliant: they’re committed to the quality of their clothes as well as the quality of life of those who make them and those who wear them. Indeed, hessnatur has been one of the original pioneers of organic cotton clothing with its well-known organic farming project in Sekem, Egypt; is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades for its rigid ecological production methods; and has always made sure that respect for people and planet are at the core of its business.

Now, designer and new creative director of hessnatur, Miguel Adrover is intent on spreading the love of hessnatur to all of us lucky eco-fashionistas here in the States. With his background in using recycled materials in fashion, Adrover certainly seems like a perfect fit for the job!

In his own words, Adrover states, “For me, the work I’m doing for Hess Natur is greater than fashion. It’s not about trend — far from it — it’s about showing the world how apparel can actually help workers, and not harm the environment. It’s an incredibly inspiring company and I’m proud to have found my home in this role.”

This July, look out for the launch of their new online store followed up by a mail catalogue in the fall. Here’s to looking towards a fresh eco-fashion world and many more social and economic advancements to come!