April 2008

A new feature of our blog will be a weekly vegan recipe from our very own kitchens! The first of this series will be one of our favorites Vegan Cheesecake! Trust us, one bite of this delectable dessert and eating dairy will never cross your mind again. Well, that may be a bit presumptuous, but you will enjoy it and maybe even impress a few friends.


Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Cool Time:3-4 hours


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. If you are using the Egg Replacer, mix ingredients according to the package for the equivalent of 1 egg. Scoop out the Better Than Cream Cheese into the bowl. Add the sugar and vanilla. Cut the lemon in half, dig out the seeds, and squeeze the lemon by hand into the bowl. Use an electric mixer (or by hand, it just takes longer) until the mixture is smooth. Scoop the entire mixture into the graham cracker crust and even it out with a spoon. Place in the oven for 20 minutes. Immediately transfer the pie from the oven to the freezer for 1 hour. Next, take the pie from the freezer and place in refrigerator for a few hours and keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

There you have it! You will now have a delicious vegan cheesecake to share with loved ones or all to yourself if you so choose. For some extra spice to the recipe, try adding dark chocolate chips and swirling into the mix or even mint flavoring if you are feeling extra adventurous. And for a classic taste add your favorite fruit to the top or in the mixture (apricots and strawberries work best!). Good luck and enjoy!

Here’s another fun comic; this time about sweatshops. It’s called Cow & Boy by Mark Leiknes. Enjoy!

In spirit of Ideal Bite’s tip #2 for greening your office and Jeremy’s comment (from yesterday’s post), check out this funny cartoon from wttf.org:

Has it come to the point that humans are all just slaves to the almighty computer?!? We think not. Rise up and take back your office!

Today marks the internationally celebrated Earth Day (though at Autonomie we encourage you to be earthy friendly every day of the year 🙂 )

For this Earth Day, we thought we’d share some tips from the good people at Ideal Bite, a daily e-newsletter that offers easy ideas on how to live green. They put together a phenomenal list on how to turn your office green, and what better day than today to actually do it!

Happy Greening and Happy Earth Day!

  • Get a Water Cooler: every year 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic bottles, and over 75% of those end up in landfills. Do your part, join the efforts of San Francisco, and ban plastic water bottles from your office.
  • Be Computer Savvy: set your office’s computers to sleep mode so that they shut down after 5 minutes of idle use. Also make sure to shut them all down completely at the end of the day and watch the energy savings come in.
  • Get Inked: ink cartridges take eons to decompose and are just filled with terrible toxins. Make sure to recycle your used cartridges and buy the refillable ones instead (which also cost about 75% less so if you have a cranky boss, you know how to spin it!).
  • Quit Bagging it for Lunch: pack your lunch in reusable containers rather than zip lock bags. Yeah, you have to do more dishes at the end of the day, but little plastic baggies are a major landfill problem and usually contain toxins that you really don’t want touching your food!

For the rest of the top 10 ways your office can go green, and other fun and cool ways you can help save the environment, make sure to check out and sign up forIdeal Bite.

Much to the despair of their legions of fans, legendary indie-rock group Piebald is closing their 12+ year run with 3 final concerts this weekend. One’s in New York and 2 are in the band’s hometown of Boston.

Autonomie is lucky enough to be a sponsor of the sold-out shows (see our cute logo in the corner!) and will be featured in the karaoke vegan eco-fashion show.

If you’re too late in getting tickets, we hope you have a nice weekend and we will post photos of the shows next week!  For more info on the band, the tour, and some cool acoustic videos, check out the production crew at Pure Volume.

After brewing a cup of my favorite Fair Trade organic Equal Exchange coffee the other morning, I was awakened by some exciting news. We can now find our favorite Fair Trade coffee producers on Google Earth!

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few years, Google Earth lets you virtually swoop around the world viewing satellite images on your computer of literally any and every corner of the globe.

Loved by school children, superman wanna-be’s, architects and voyeuristic pervs alike, the latest version of Google Earth features a close-up street view with 3D buildings, detailed descriptions of landmarks, and even a “sun” feature that lets you play God and control the sunrise and sunset of any location you wish.

Proudly, the team at Google Earth has always had a social conscious and uses its technological savvy to raise awareness about international affairs and human rights issues. In the recent past, they’ve focused their mapping efforts on highlighting the New Orleans post-Katrina floods and the conflict crisis in Darfur.

Their newest feat is bringing you close-ups of and stories about Third World producers participating in the international movement of Fair TradeFair Trade is an alternative, more sustainable, and all around better way of doing business. Rather than using sweatshops and importing massive amounts of goods from China, Fair Traders work closely with small, independent owners and cooperatives located for the most part in rural parts of the developing world. Fair Trade producers are paid a fair price for their work; do not use child labor; are not held to abusive overtime pressure; have safe and healthy work environments; and are usually recipients of other well-being initiatives and community programs, such as health clinics and micro-credit programs.

To zoom into your favorite Fair Trade producer, all you need to do is download Google Earth (if you haven’t already), click on “Fair Trade Certified” (it’s under the Global Awareness subset), and start roaming the earth in search of all things Fair Trade! When you find a icon that looks interesting, click on it and you’ll get a pretty good introduction to that particular producer and their history, plus more info about their community and local economic environment.

This is such a cool marriage of technology and story-telling. Fair Trade is all about telling the story of small farmers and producers and what better way to learn more about them than to zoom into a satellite photo of their home! Plus its super fun. When we checked it out, we found Tongorrape: a mango cooperative located in northern rural Peru where families live in extreme poverty without running water or electricity. We also learned about Yirgacheffe Farmer’s Cooperative Union in Adis Abeba, Ethiopia which was formed in 2002 as a coffee and tea coop whose primary goal is to actively participate in the international marketplace.

We’re obviously loopy about bringing these producers’ names, faces and stories to American consumers…and now, using the ridiculous power of Google, we can really spread the word (and the landscape) of Fair Trade! So get on the Google Earth spaceship and join the mission to support Fair Trade!

So we’re off to Seattle Green Festival this weekend, and if you’re local, we hope to see you there!

The Green Festivals are co-hosted by our favorite non-profits orgs Global Exchange and Coop America. In past years, the festival has rocked on in Chicago, Washington DC and San Francisco. This is the first year the festival has docked in Seattle, so it should be really fun and exciting!

Green Fest is the ultimate hoop-la of organic clothes, food, beer and wine; Fair Trade goods; vegetarian cuisine; renewable energy; recycling, and more. Alongside the many vendors like us who will be spreading the word and good will about their products, there is a schedule of speakers, demonstrations, film showings, parties and other cool events all weekend.

Our buddy Scott, over at Fair Trade Sports, is not only sharing our booth #1214 in the Fair Trade Section (complete with a mini field and soccer goals!), but he will also be speaking about the Washington Sweat-Free Campaign and Fair Trade business.

So if you’re looking for something to do THIS Saturday or Sunday, we truly hope you’ll check out the Green Fest. Every ticket gets you a FREE membership to Coop America, plus you can stop by our booth, play a little soccer, pick up a pair of shoes or just say hi 😉

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