It’s Friday! That means you get another simple and easy Green Tip of the Week:

This Week’s Tip: Team up with your neighbors

Get a group of 5-8 people together in your neighborhood to form an Eco Team. Then meet about once a month to discuss and implement ideas on how to make your households and neighborhood a little greener.

Simple ideas like revamping an empty plot into a community garden; planting flowers and restoring native trees at the neighborhood playground; or picking up litter at the local park are all fun and easy. You can also get local businesses involved to sponsor wider initiatives, such as the installation of solar panels on schools and homes.

This idea has actually become very popular over the past few years with more than 40,000 people around the world joining with their neighbors to make a difference in their communities. One of our favorite community groups is Conscious Consuming, started right here in our Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. Conscious Consuming grew from a few people meeting in a living room to discuss social and environmental issues to a global organization receiving grants to grow their presence and was even up for a myspace Impact Award. Conscious Consuming hosts monthly events, an annual holiday gift fair that raises money for non-profit organizations, and has become a valuable resource to everyone in our community.

So be inspired, call your neighbors, and start to make an impact in your community!