So we just opened our first Etsy.com store and are already completely in love with this website! An online shopping portal similar in feel to ebay.com (but no bidding occurs), one can browse 1,000’s of selections of hand made items ranging from hand bags (like ours!), to pottery, to jewelry, to crafts, to vintage items…..to really anything you could possibly think of!

The thing that makes it so wonderful is that you (usually) are buying direct from the designer/artist and are truly getting a unique product. And of course everything is hand made. So rather than going to the mall and supporting a sweatshop-made product, take a minute to browse this site and support these independent entrepreneurs. If you’re a sewer, collector, or artist yourself, we highly recommend opening an Etsy site and seeing what happens!

Check out our new hand crocheted bags from Peru on Etsy: www.autonomie.etsy.com; and make sure to watch the time. Etsy can be addicting and fill up a whole day when you should be working 😉