Every Friday, Autonomie is dedicated to bringing you one simple and easy step you can do every day that will help make our planet greener.

This week’s tip: turn off the sink while brushing your teeth!

By just lifting a finger and turning off the water while brushing between rinses, you can save at least two gallons of water in just one brushing session! If you’re good to your dentist, that means 6 gallons a day from just one person’s efforts. Not only will your indoor water consumption be cut in half, but you’ll save a chunk of change on your water bill (which is always a bonus!).

So don’t check your email, pet the cat, or wave to a neighbor while brushing your teeth – pay close attention to your faucet, give it a rest every now and then, and make sure it’s completely turned off and not leaking when you’re finished.

Happy brushing!